About The Mutation Tarot Deck

"I grew up with a Rider-Waite deck in my room. Even before I knew what the pictures meant, or how to do a reading for that matter, the images always fascinated me.

They are a timeless collection of the human experience covering everything from love, life, death, spirituality, etc.. I now have many decks, ranging from anime pin up girls to Egyptian Book of the Dead symbols. As amusing and diverse as these iterations are, they can be very hard to use in a reading. Some are far too artistic to be practical. My goal in drawing 'The Mutation Tarot' was to keep it practical. In that respect, most of the images are steeped in the Rider-Waite tradition. I wanted to see if I could capture the same human aspects depicted in the cards by using non-human subject matter, in this case, mutated creatures from my dreams."

– Mario Rosa, creator of The Mutation Tarot

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